The Algarve cycling experience

Algarve cycle experience

If we’re going to try to create the ideal cycling experience, where should we go to do it?’ When we were setting up Flyingeese it was a simple question, but a fundamentally important one. In the end there was only ever going to be one answer. For its routes, views, climate, culture, locals, food, drink and overall liveability, the Algarve Cycling Experience won hands down. The only mystery is why more bike fans haven’t caught on.

Hidden beauty of Portugal’s Algarve

The southernmost part of Portugal is bounded by the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean to the south and the wilder Atlantic to the west. With some of Europe’s best beaches on the coast and an enchanting interior full of hidden treasures, it’s a wonderful region to explore – and as far as we’re concerned, getting in the saddle is the best way of doing it.

Away from the tourist hotspots, Flyingeese’s Algarve cycling experience takes you to some unforgettable places. Whether you’re fighting your way up an iconic championship-grade climb in the forested hills of the Serra de Monchique, or cruising along an isolated Atlantic clifftop as the sun slowly sinks towards the sea, being on a bike connects you to the landscape and immerses you in the soul of this unique part of Europe.

If you do it right, Algarve cycling is in a class of its own. We love the region and we’ve come to know it really well, so we plan all our trips round the best it has to offer. Our philosophy is to start with an exceptional cycling experience – fantastic and varied routes, the best gear and guides, all the support and logistics you need completely taken care of – then give it an unmistakeable Algarve flavour.

Sample authentic Portuguese food

That means you get a luxurious base at one of our exclusive villas on the coast. It means freshly-prepared local produce, from abundant seafood to traditional cheeses and game from the hills of the interior. It means some of the most interesting and best value wine in the world. It means routes through hidden landscapes steeped in centuries of heritage – not forgetting the great locals. And it means that when we stop along the way, the coffee and cake in the roadside cafés are some of the finest you’ll ever taste.

After all, there’s no point working up an appetite if you’re not going to enjoy the reward!

Ultimate cycling experience

When we set up Flyingeese, our aim was quite simply to provide the best cycling experience on the market. We believe our approach to the logistics and other practicalities is as good as it gets – but it’s the Algarve itself which makes riding with us a truly unforgettable experience.