Taking your holiday home

cycling in the algarve

What makes for a great holiday experience? Everyone’s different: some would say lazing by a pool, others prefer a freezing bivouac high on a mountain. Or a city break. Or a vineyard tour. They all have their merits.

The point is, it’s not what you do so much as how you do it – and what you take away.

We’re quite clear on the ‘how you do it’ part at Flyingeese: exceptional cycling on stunning roads comes first, with all of the detail – route planning, top of the range gear, nutrition, support etc – taken care of.

We also want the rest of the holiday experience to be flawless. From luxury accommodation to delicious food, quality and a complete absence of anything to organise or worry about dictate everything we do. You’ll feel better at the end of your stay, that’s for sure.

But what do you actually take away? We want it to be a bit more than ‘oh yes, it was all lovely.’ With Flyingeese you’re actually going to become a better cyclist, and that’s something that will always stay with you.

It’s not only that several challenging days in the saddle are good practice for anybody. It’s more that nothing we do is ‘off the peg’: Flyingeese is all about individuals, and we give you a level of individual support and coaching it would be hard to find anywhere else.

From planning your bespoke itinerary to creating a nutrition and supplement plan tailored to your personal needs, everything is arranged so you can get more out of your holiday experience – and our ride leaders, all current or former professionals, will give you the sort of individual feedback that can make a genuine difference to your performance when you get back home.

We wouldn’t call it a ‘working holiday’, but it’s definitely a holiday that works.