The Algarve and how to do it

expert cycling team

We had a terrible trip the first time we went to the Algarve with our bikes. We went in the middle of summer and stuck to the main roads. It was too hot, too noisy, too busy, and we almost didn’t go back. In short, we got it wrong.

But we did go back, and it’s still one of the best decisions we’ve ever made: if you get it right, then the Algarve has pretty much everything a cyclist could ask for.

With its coast, mountains, sunshine and lifestyle, the Algarve is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations; but outside the peak summer months the crowds disappear. This is perfect, as far as we’re concerned: in spring and autumn, the climate is ideal for spending days in the saddle, and you’re no longer contending with roads clogged by millions of tourists.

And some roads are better than others. Our first unpleasant experience slogging along busy highways taught us an important lesson, so when we began thinking more seriously about setting up Flyingeese one of the first things we did was to get a car and a map and drive for thousands of miles on the smaller roads. It was an invaluable exercise – and some of the roads we discovered are absolute beauties!

From the Atlantic coast, over the Monchique mountains and down to the Mediterranean we’ve recorded and graded a huge and detailed array of routes, which we combine into bespoke itineraries for each of our groups depending on their goals and abilities. Whether you’re happiest cruising along a beautiful coastline or fighting your way up switchback mountain bends, Flyingeese will take you there.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be based in the Algarve when you’re done for the day either. The irresistible local cuisine is carb- and protein-filled, the local wine is cheap and delicious, and the two Flyingeese villas – with private pools, luxury furnishings and more – are pretty hard to leave at the best of times, despite the cycling on offer.