Cycling holidays in Europe Ė the essentials

European cycling holidays

Cycling has never been bigger in this country Ė 2 million Brits count it as a hobby, and the numbers are still growing.

Cycling holidays are getting more popular, too: if youíre going to take some time off, why not spend it doing what you enjoy? And if youíre going to do something you enjoy, why not do it somewhere special?

As a nation with a long history of casting envious glances at our European cousins Ė their climate, their landscapes, their food and drink, their general lifestyle Ė itís no surprise where increasing numbers of us are looking. The attraction of cycling holidays in Europe is easy to understand.

The good news is that you can believe the hype. If you get it right, spending a few days riding the roads in Europe can be an unforgettable cycling experience. From the stunning routes and glorious weather to luxurious post-ride R&R and marvellous food for replacing all the calories youíre burning, itís hard to imagine a better all-round way of spending quality time.

Get it wrong, though, and Ė well, if youíve never managed to experience a really disastrous holiday, good for you!

Avoiding the pitfalls when cycling in Europe

Thereís quite a list of pitfalls to avoid if you want to make the most of a cycling holiday in Europe. The most obvious is finding yourself on roads that, for whatever reason, donít end up offering the cycling experience you were hoping for. Youíll cover a lot of miles over a few days, and thereís a lot of scope for ending up on the wrong track.

The logistical nitty-gritty needs handling with care, too. Whether itís a question of sorting the documentation to get you and your bike where you want to be, or planning for the repairs that might be needed to keep you going, thorough preparation is definitely not something to skimp on.

Thereís the small matter of making sure youíre in shape for the challenge, too. It would be crazy to go to all the trouble of arranging a trip only to find you canít get the most out of it. We may all love to feel the burn, but feeling so shattered you canít continue is another thing entirely. Upping your training, doing some day-long rides and maybe getting a few sportives under your belt before leaving is highly recommended.

None of this should put you off, though Ė cycling holidays in Europe are very possible to arrange and enjoy if you remember all the essentials.

Guided cycling holidays

There is another option, of course: you could let passionate specialists take care of everything, and create a dream cycling experience tailored exactly to your wishes. Thatís what we do at Flyingeese.

If youíre determined to go it alone, feel free to give us a call and weíll happily give you some pointers if you need any help or advice. One word of warning, though Ė if we get talking about what itís like to ride with Flyingeese, you might just end up deciding to come with us instead!