Becoming a better cyclist is hardcore, you know the score…

strength training

It would be good to be a better cyclist, wouldn’t it?

There’s no great mystery about the best way of becoming one: get out on the bike as much as you can. There are other things you can do that will definitely help, though.

Remember your core, for one. Many people don’t realise how important core strength is for fitness in general and cycling in particular – but taking some time to work on it is essential.

When you’re on a bike, your mid-section is usually tense, and your shoulders are rounded and tight. Doing this for hours at a time puts a lot of pressure on your body, and means there’s always a risk of injury – one that’s exacerbated by the sedentary reality of many of our day jobs.

It’s easy to redress the balance a little. Simple exercises with medicine balls or ab wheels can be done in a few minutes, and planking doesn’t need any equipment at all. Spend a bit of time researching online or with a trainer and you’ll be able to develop a core routine that works for you.

A recognition of the role of core strength is one of the reasons for the recent increase in the popularity of yoga, too, and many pro riders now incorporate some form of yoga into their training regimes. Why not investigate evening classes?

If your core strength is good you have a solid base for your riding, so we strongly recommend you work on it. And all of these activities can be done on even the most evil of cold, wet and dark Winter nights, so that’s another point in their favour…