Home comforts

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Here at Flyingeese, cycling is our passion. From stunning routes to top of the range bikes and professional riders supporting our small groups, we make sure every last logistical detail is taken care of, especially ‘home comforts’. But let’s be honest, even the greatest cycling experience can be improved by what happens when you get off the bike – and we want that to be just as good as what you get when you’re in the saddle.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to be in the Algarve. First and foremost we’re there because it’s one of the best cycling regions in the world; but plenty of people who’ve never stepped on a bike fall in love with the place. Climate? Stunning (especially for long-suffering Brits). Sea? Oh yes, and warm too. Food and drink? Now we’re talking… After putting the miles in during the day, the Algarve takes some beating.

Flyingeese are based in two luxury villas in Praia da Luz. They’re set up exactly how we want them: there’s no problem with third-party providers lacking home comforts. Whether it’s the décor and furnishing, the pools, the views, the sport-heavy Sky TV service or any of the other little details, we’ve tried to think of everything you could possibly want when you’re not in the saddle. And let’s not forget the food and drink, which feature heavily on most holiday wish-lists.

Luckily for us, the local cuisine is both delicious and excellent fuel for challenging days on a bike, so our cooks have everything they need to prepare wonderful meals in the evening – we call them ‘fulfilling’, in a nod to their nutritious yet gourmet character. Add to that some of the most interesting and best value wine available anywhere at the moment, plus Portugal’s national mastery of the art of making a really good coffee, and you’re left with everything you need to have just as good a time off the bike as on it…