Making the most of it

portugal cycling making most of it

Once you’re out in Portugal riding with Flyingeese we do everything we possibly can to give you a trip you’ll never forget. But there are things you can do in the months leading up to your holiday which will mean you get even more out of it.

It all comes down to getting your body ready. The better the shape you’re in when you come out, the more you’ll be able to do on the bike.

In terms of exercise, there’s no substitute for time spent out on the road. But sitting on a bike puts some very specific pressures on your body – rounded shoulders, tight hips and a tense lower back can cause problems, particularly if you have a similar posture most days at the desk. Your quads and glutes will have to take a lot of punishment.

Simple strength training helps a lot, and reduces your chances of getting injured. Step ups, lunges and squats are all good, and working with kettle bells can pay dividends.

Other than exercise, research proves that fish oil – specifically, the omega-3 it contains – will really help reduce inflammation in your joints and muscles, so we recommend all our clients take it regularly.

Magnesium can also make a big difference. It improves the way your body handles nutrients, decreasing muscle cramps and helping recovery. Many people find it helps them sleep, too; and sleep is as good as any medicine. Try taking it half an hour before bed, and you may notice an immediate positive change – and if you’re not keen on tablets putting some Epsom salts in the bath can do the trick.

Nothing is more important than bringing a positive mental attitude, of course, but these few easy physical preparations can add quite a bit to your ride.