The stuff of dreams

expert cycling team

There’s nothing wrong with the ‘stuff of dreams’. Wouldn’t it be great to be a rock star? Or to medal at the Olympics? Or to give a notably gracious acceptance speech when you win two Oscars in one year?

Cycling dreams are fun, too. Imagine having pro-level kit that someone else looks after for you. To have support vehicles with you when you’re out on the road so hydration and fuel are sorted, and mechanical or medical issues are dealt with on the spot. To have a nutritionist working with you to maximise your performance. And imagine if – along with a few close friends or colleagues, maybe – you had a couple of pro riders along with you, always looking to see how they can help you get better at all of this, encouraging you up the climbs, laughing with you down the descents.

In short, imagine what it’s like to have everything you could think of to get the most out of a week on two wheels. That’s what Flyingeese are about. Our ethos is simple: we spend a lot of time thinking about what makes the perfect trip, and then we make it happen. We’re lucky to be based in the Algarve, one of the world’s finest cycling regions – and everything else we do, from the bikes we use to the team we work with, is very deliberately designed to make the stuff of dreams come true.