Responsible tourism policy

To ensure responsible tourism we take every opportunity to make a positive social, economic and environmental impact in each of our cycling destinations. We always use locally owned accommodation and activity providers. We like to stay off the beaten track and provide an authentic experience for our guests so this all goes hand in hand.

We use private accommodation not hotel chains, as we want the money generated by tourism within a region to remain within the local area. We ensure that wherever possible food and resources are sourced locally, when meals are provided we recommend local restaurants.

Group size is always made appropriate to the nature of the environment and the proximity of our guests to the local population. We often visit rural or remote areas including many places which can only be described as pristine wildernesses. Our team is predominately made up of people from the local community to ensure that the ‘leave no trace’ ethos is continually expressed to clients and visibly implemented during the activities.

When we plan our experiences we do so with the environment in mind. The group sizes that we offer are designed with our clients’ experience in mind as well as the likely impact on a natural area.

Where possible we always include group transportation. Not only is this obviously more economical but it reduces emissions.